IPARD is a pre-accession Programme of the EU for the period 2007 – 2013. It is an integral part of the IPA (Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance), whose main objectives are to assist candidate countries and potential candidate countries in their harmonisation and implementation of the EU acquis, as well as preparation for utilisation of the future EU funds.
IPA consists of five components: I - Transition Assistance and Institution Building, II – Cross-border Cooperation, III - Regional Development, IV - Human Resources Development and V - Rural Development.
IPARD Programme had been prepared by the Committee for Preparation of the Agriculture and Rural Development Plan 2007-2013. The Committee had been established on 7 April 2006. Committee consisted of the members of the MAFRD, employees of the other ministries and representatives of all relevant economic, social and ecological partners. After preparation of sector analyses, specific needs of respective sectors have been established and measures of IPARD Programme had been selected accordingly. Implementation of 7 measures has been foreseen within IPARD Programme and within three priority axes as follows:
  • Improving market efficiency and implementation of Community standards
  • Preparatory actions for implementation of the agri-environmental measures and local rural development strategies
  • Development of rural economy
This report contains information on implementation of IPARD within last year, i.e. in the period from 1 January till 31 December 2010.
IPARD Programme is implemented within the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia, unless the prescribed criteria of respective measures do not limit its implementation.

Legal basis
IPARD Programme had been given a positive opinion on 19 December 2007 from the Committee for Rural Development in Brussels and EC adopted IPARD Programme for the RC on 25 February 2008.
Decision of Government of RC of 26 March 2008 (OG No 34/08) prescribes that the IPARD Programme is to be managed by the MAFRD, Directorate for Rural Development - Managing Authority for SAPARD/IPARD Programme, whereas the Programme (measures) is implemented by the PAAFRD. National fund in the Ministry of Finance is the responsible body for management of financial funds foreseen for implementation of IPARD Programme. National fund ensures:
  • submitting of the applications to the EC and receipt of funds from IPA Programme
  • issuing of approval for fund transfer toward body responsible for management and implementation of the respective component of IPA Programme, i.e. toward final user
  • submitting of financial reports of EC on implementation of IPA Programme
  • opening and management of bank accounts
Pursuant to the Multi-Annual Indicative Financial Framework 2011-2013, (MIFF) funds for all beneficiary countries had been allocated, and so for the RC as well for all IPA components, within the period 2007 - 2013 on the annual level. It had been preceded by MIFF 2008-2010, MIFF 2009-2011 and MIFF 2010-2012.
The purpose of Multi-Annual Indicative Planning Document (MIPD) 2011-2013 is to establish the priorities of EU in assisting RC within the programme period 2011-2013. It is based on the needs established in the Accession Partnership of the Republic of Croatia, as well as on the last Progress Report (adopted on 9 November 2010 as a part of Enlargement Package) and Croatian own strategies. It defines maximal shares of funds per IPARD priority axis. Government of the RC had been consulted during preparation of MIPD, as well as local participants and EU member states. It had been preceded by MIPD 2007-2009, MIPD 2008-2010 and MIPD 2009-2011.
Government of the Republic of Croatia has on behalf of RC concluded agreements with the EC on behalf of EU, which are required for implementation of IPARD Programme as follows:
  • Framework Agreement between the Government of the RC and the Commission of the European Communities on Rules of Co-operation concerning EC Financial Assistance to the RC in the Framework of the Implementation of the Assistance under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) had been signed on 27 August 2007.
  • Agreement between the Government of the RC and the Commission of the European Communities on the Rules for Co-operation Concerning EC Financial Assistance to the RC and the Implementation of the Assistance under Component V (IPARD) of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), i.e. Sectoral Agreement, was concluded on 13 October 2008.
  • Multi-Annual Financing Agreement 2007 – 2010 between the Commission of European Communities on behalf of the European Community and the Government of the RC has been signed on 24 July 2009 and it allocated funds for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Allocation for the current year shall be added each subsequent year.
IPARD Programme allows for creating of commitments to the date of implementation of the new Programme for Rural Development which the RC will use once it becomes a member of the EU.
National legal frameworks for implementation of IPARD Programme in the RC are Ordinances on Implementation of Respective Measures.
By the EC Decision (2009/871/EC) of 30 November 2009 conferral of management for measure 101 "Investments in agricultural holdings to restructure and to upgrade to Community standards" and 103 "Investments in the processing and marketing of agriculture and fishery products to restructure those activities and to upgrade them to Community standards" had been granted, which established prerequisites for announcing first call for applications which lasted from 04 January 2010 till 04 March 2010.

The conferral of management for measure 301 "Improvement and Development of Rural Infrastructure" and measure 302 "Diversification and Development of Rural Economic Activities" had been granted by the EC Decision (2011/C/85/04) of 17 March 2011, after which followed announcements of the calls for applications for these measures also.

Since then calls for applications are announced continuously, and this will continue until the end of 2013.